Burning River 100–from the trenches!

This past Saturday I had the honor to co-captain the mile 80 aide station at The Burning River 100 mile Endurance Race.  You haven’t seen PURE athleticism until you’ve SEEN these people run 100 miles of trails…in the rain and mud.  I’m telling you there is nothing like it.  What a wonderful experience to help these crazy runner people accomplish what most think is absolutely nutso-crazy-insane.  And they do it without the world knowing. You didn’t see this event on the local news or ESPN.  And it’s a shame too.

I had the absolute pleasure to lend a hand to people that I have so much admiration for.  They are my heroes…they have more strength (and I mean MENTAL strength) than anyone, anywhere.    I got to fill up their fluids, feed them fruit , sandwiches and soup, patch up their ground up feet…pat them on the back, tell them they are BAD ASS and send them off to finish 20 more miles in the dark of night.

So many people of so many kinds…men and women, young and old…some doing this for the first time and one brave lady for the 39th time!  There were many who came through broken and beaten down and some who eased through with smiles on their faces.

And the whole time I kept thinking, “I’m gonna do this”…  Yeahhhhhh!  Some freaky-crazy- nutso-insane part of my brain sees me dragging my ass across that finish line.  I know, I know..everyone is gonna roll their eyes and tell me I’m crazy.  They said that a few years ago when at week 4 of Couch to 5k I announced I was going to run a marathon.  Almost 1 yr after finishing my first 5k, I finished the Towpath Marathon October 2012.  About 6 months later they did the same when I said I was going for 100k at O24 (a 24 hour endurance run) in April 2013.  I got my 100k medal!  Insert cheezy-evil grin here >

I am in awe of these people…their strength, determination, mental stamina, and the incredible ability to push thru what your brain sees as the equivalent of the saber tooth tiger barreling down on you at top speed.  I wonder if I got ‘that’…if I have what it takes to shut down all the chatter inside my head telling me if I take one more step I’m a goner!

Training begins…..